Saturday, January 30, 2010


Two posts in one can definitely tell it's a snow day! Ha!
* Please note the use of exclamation points in the rest of this post.

A few posts ago I said that I had some exciting news that was not my own to share. Well the secret is out!

My best friend Audra is pregnant! Her baby is a blueberry...she is due in September!

We laughed at her wedding that we wanted to be pregnant together! Well I suppose this is closest we could ever come!

Let me preface this by saying, I believe that God knew I needed a little cushion for her news.

The day I got the call for our baby, I of course immediately called Audra to tell her. I could not wait to ask what she thought and get her opinion. I of course am bawling because my news is the best news I had received in long long time. Then she tells me she is pregnant and I just lose it. I fully believe God knew what I needed long before I did!

I am so happy for her! I can not wait to meet that little peanut! I love you Audra, you will make an amazing mother!

*told you I was a little out of control with the exclamation points!'s a sickness...

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Membership Required said...

that is such a blessing. Friends with same age blessing is an extra special blessing. Are you going to post about how you got the call for your baby to be? Was that too personal...sorry but I am so happy for you. Maybe it will be a post included in the arrival of baby posting. All my prayers and best wishes as you share this journey with us...your readers. ML