Monday, January 4, 2010


Well it is snowing today. I hope it doesn't mess with the roads because I have a few errands to run! I really do love snow but now that Christmas is almost over (Epiphany is on Wednesday) I am ready for a little warmer weather.

I was going through pictures the other day and found the pictures from our last anniversary trip! Look at what a difference a year makes. I showed Artie and he said we will take one every year to see how we age! So here you go...

Meanwhile....I am trying to decide what to wear to market this year. It is quite a challenge because you want to be comfortable but look nice all at the same time. I guess it is not so much the clothes but the shoes. I have a love for cute shoes...but cute shoes are not great to walk in for 10 hour days. So I will continue to rack my brain until I figure out a solution. Ugh! is snowing harder. I better get up and run out before I get stuck! Have a great day everyone!

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dsanders said...

Have a great time at Market and be careful. Love you mom..