Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have been meaning to post a pic of these cuties! (sorry for the pic quality) These are the ornaments I made for Valentine's Day! I want to make a few more but just have not had the time. I think they turned out precious and I can not wait to make them for EVERY HOLIDAY!! Watch out Memorial Day!

I have been a busy girl cutting music for majorette tryouts. There are 9 girls trying out and I have about 5 of the songs done....pray I can finish the rest before my eyeballs cross. My poor husband has to listen to me play the same part of the songs over and over. Ha!

Suzan and I have been working at the store this past week. We have been getting ready to reopen in February, re-decorating trees, and anxiously awaiting all the new pretties to come in!
Ahhhh! It makes me so happy on the inside! I can not wait to show you photos!

Please be in prayer for some really exciting things that are happening. I will be able to reveal more at a later date..but now you shall remain in suspense! Muuhahahahahah! Ahem

I hope everyone is having a great week!


Membership Required said...

So cant wait to hear the news. Cute ornaments also do you guys have an online store for the store?

Leigh said...

Love the ornaments! They are precious!

Tracy said...

Love the ornaments! They are awesome. can't wait to hear the big news!

Amber Schmidt said...

Ok that is so unfair! The suspense!!! I am SO not a secret keeper! LOL

LOVE the valentines tree! I have ALWAYS wanted a tree that stayed up all year long and had ornaments for EACH holiday just because I am THAT in love with my tree!!!

The Thompsons said...

Do you sell these? TOO CUTE! Love your blog.

Rhonda :)