Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I seriously love October.  Like a giddy school girl crush on October.  I think it is because it means the beginning of ALL my favorite holidays.  We are hitting holiday central wahoo! It is now ok to put out all the spooky decor I want and eat every pumpkin flavored thing in sight.

I am going to try to get my house decorated for halloween this week.  I started with my wreath on the front door.

I took Grayson outside to look at it and asked him if it was spooky.  He then kept asking me if things were spooky for the rest of the day.  He would hold up a toy "Mama spooky?" haha.  So cute! 

I am going to try to participate in A Grand Life's photo a day on Instagram. 

 Hopefully I can keep up!  I am going to try to post the photo's here once a week.  My name is heathercallen if you would like to follow along. 

Last month I had the honor of taking some friends engagement photos and senior photos.  It amazes me that someone would EVER want me to take their pictures.  They turned out great...thankfully! 

This month our friends are getting married and have asked me to take pictures....I am terrified.  It is a VERY small wedding but still important.  Yikes.   It is at the end of the month so I have plenty of time to study! 

And because I can not leave a post with out a picture of my little guy....

Oh goodness he is adorable.  I think my holiday craziness has rubbed off on him...he insists on carrying this pumpkin around all day.  Oops.  

I hope you have a great week! 

Monday, October 1, 2012


I am finally getting around to blogging this.....

In May I turned 30.  Do you know how weird that is to say?   I still feel like I am 20 and that is all that matters right?  Fortunately for me, I look like I am still 20...so no one is none the wiser ; )

The theme was French country (ish) and I found this cute little bee on Etsy.  It was perfect for the invite!

I thought it looked a little French country and decided to use some french wording on the invitation to tie it all together.  
The phrase "Trente Est Le Nouveau Vingt! "  was born.  
(30 is the new 20)

The invitation-
I wrapped the invite in burlap and lace for a special touch. 

The farm that we use for all of our parties has a wonderful, secluded little area by a creek that is just beautiful.  It is the perfect place to dine under the stars!

I had a specific design in mind and poor Artie had to execute it.  He enlisted the help of Ashley and Alison to help make it everything that I wanted and MORE!  It was seriously the most beautiful party I had ever seen.

 The main table- there were hundreds of mason jars filled with candles! 
If you look in the top left corner you can see the guitar player....he was awesome! 
It was perfect to have him playing while we ate dinner. 

The baby's breath center pieces

The place setting with the menu

 Another view of the table that turned out a little brighter.

The food!  Yummmmmm! Seriously so good!  
Assorted cheeses, rosemary chicken,
 roasted vegetables, salad, tea and 

I completely forgot to get a picture of the dessert table!  
I LOVE LOVE LOVE pie...more than cake actually.  
There is a little restaurant in our town that makes AMAZING pies and
 Artie bought all of my favorites!  

 This space is somewhat in the middle of the woods.  
Once the sun went down, it was magical!  
There were mason jars filled with candles everywhere...even hanging in the trees! 

Funny story.  You know how I said that the party was in the middle of the woods?  Which means that there are no lights anywhere in sight.  Well we did not think that through very well because we had to clean up at the end.  Luckily we had all the mason jar candles because it was DARK.

It was definitely something I will never forget.  Thank you Artie for putting this together and thinking that I deserve something so beautiful!  The night was truly magical!