Friday, June 25, 2010

34/35 weeks

I can not believe that Grayson will be here in a month.  We had a doctors appointment yesterday and it was wonderful.  Grayson is measuring a week early and I think the birth mother has decided that the c section will be the last week of July.  So literally ONE MONTH!  Meep!  The doctor said that Grayson is being taken care of very well.

Let me tell you- she does pregnancy well.  She is gorgeous.   I do not think I could walk a mile in her shoes.  She acts with such maturity and grace under scrutiny.  It breaks my heart to know people have such a negative opinion of such a selfless act.  This is why I hate it when people judge others...

On a different note- I turned on my ipod today and hit shuffle.  It got to this and was a little confused...

Look Closer...

You are looking cute George.  I like the new hair style.
Have a great weekend everyone! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Help the BAND!

The Greeneville High School band is trying to raise money for new uniforms.  Band uniforms are very expensive and they need lots of help!  They decided to make a video to get the word out.  There is a sponsor who is donating money for every view that the video please watch!  It is kinda cheesy (hehe) but they put a lot of hard work into it.

Please click on the link (to youtube) to watch the video!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Yipppe!  I am finally uploading the pictures of the bedding.  I am so in love with it and I find my self just walking in the room to look.  The pictures do not do it justice and the room is a weird size.  It makes taking pictures VERY difficult.  Alas...this is what I got.  

The whole bed

Close up 

The bumpers

This one you can see the band at the bottom of the crib skirt.

Now little man can come!  Well-he can bake a little longer but if he should join the party early we are ready.   I am so happy and can not believe that we have this opportunity.  I am trying to write the story of our blessing.  I want to let you know how wonderful it is but respect the privacy of those is a delicate balance.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pool Day

I am so excited!  I have been wanting to go swimming since we returned from the beach and today is the day!!!  In Jonesborough we have a cute little water park called Wetlands.

*photo courtesy of

So today I will be lounging on a tube floating down the lazy river!

I will have pictures tonight of the bedding...the lighting last night was terrible and did not show how cute it looks.  It is even better than I imagined!

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The furniture and a picnic

Grayson's room is coming together!  Just when I was getting worried- God answered a prayer!  Things have arrived earlier than expected.  In fact...his bedding should arrive tomorrow.  Here are some pictures of his room so far.  Nothing on the walls yet...I am known for having empty walls ha!   I just can not seem to commit to things like that.  


Hutch/Changing table



Sunday evening, the choir met at our directors house for a picnic!  It was so much fun spending time with the choir outside of church.  We take the summer off because we have a small church and just have special music each sunday.  Alice lives in a beautiful home with an even better view so I tried out some different things with my camera!   I made Austin be the guinea pig ha! 

Not too bad...

Austin actually took this picture and
 I thought it was super cool how you can see through the bubble. 

They are growing up so fast...please slow down!

After dinner Alice brought out this big thing all covered up and set it in front of me.  I was shocked! I uncovered it and this is what I found...
How sweet is that? The choir went in together for a gift and I was completely surprised.  Everyone laughed because for once I was speechless.  I am truly blessed to have a wonderful church family.   

Unwrapping all of the gifts in the bath tub

haha...I am not sure what was going on but this picture is hilarious! 

We had a wonderful weekend and are eagerly awaiting Grayson's bedding tomorrow!  I promise I will post pictures the second I get everything put together. I hope you are having a wonderful week!   


Monday, June 14, 2010


I am totally behind on blogging-so sorry!

Last week we had vacation bible school at church and it was so wonderful!  I love all of these little ones excited to learn about the Bible.  They are so very precious and it will not be long until Gray is running around chasing them!

The theme was Baobab Blast and the kids learned about trust, love, follow, care and love.  Anita (the director) did a wonderful job setting everything up and making a beautiful backdrop.  Here are some pictures of the week.

Day 1

Day 2 (sorry it is blurry)

Day 3 (Austin was missing)

Day 4 
Clair helped us with music all week

Day 5
in the t-shirts we made

The whole group

Cameron and Brandon


LOVE this little girl- so very sweet!


hahahah Zach

The other Claire

Part of the "little kid" class 

The kids did such a good job learning all of their songs and they performed so well.  I HAD a video but I am still working out all the kinks with the camera and it got erased.  Grrrr.  So just take my word...THEY WERE AWESOME!!!!   I hope they continue to grow in love with the Lord.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A migraine, dreams and furniture.

Just a warning there are no pictures in this post.  (Awww man!)  

Today I woke up with a terrible migraine.  Definitely not the best way to wake up, and it was very debilitating to top it off.  I have been hiding in the dark house all day and just now starting to feel a little better.  Boo.   Which kinda stinks today because it is a BIG day!

First- Grayson had an appointment today and I got word that everything looks great and he is BIG!  That makes my heart happy.  The doctor did say that she is not sure if he will come early or just be a big baby.  Those babies are so rude...they need to inform people when they plan on moving out!

Second- Gray's furniture is being delivered.  I have been a little bit in panic mode because people ask how much of his room I have finished and I say the paint!  Their eyes about bug out of their head...people know I am a planner.  It was making me a little nervous too.  Audra almost has her whole nursery done and she is 6 weeks behind Gray.

 Third- Tonight is the VBS performance.  I am trying to make myself better so I can go because the little munchkins have worked really hard!  I am not worried if I can not make it though.  Austin and Clair have been doing a wonderful job and the kids are in good hands.

As I was typing this the delivery truck called and said they are their way! The dreams segment will have to wait. So I promise pictures this weekend!  Have a great day everyone!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Vacation Bible School starts on Sunday!!  Yipppee!  I love helping any way I can with church and so during vbs I teach music with my friend Austin.  Austin and I like to go all out to decorate our music room and this year was no different.  This year we did a lot of the decorations ourselves instead of buying things.       I will post pictures of the week once it is over but until are the room photos!
The focal wall
(we were going for The Lion King kinda thing)
Use your imagination but the bottom is grasslands haha!

The sign Austin made for the door

I drew this for the wall! 

Austin did this little guy

Then I did this one...Austin helped paint it! 

I am very excited!  The music is pretty good and I think the kids will have a great time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Shower

This weekend my friends threw Grayson a baby shower!  It was a was so wonderful and we were blessed with so many gifts.  I loved having my friends and family come and celebrate!  My friends captured who I am to a tee haha!  Even though Gray is a boy, the shower was a yellow theme.  It turned out so beautiful, I did not want to leave!  

I stole this from Audra-
Some of the details..
Suzan made the little bees! 

The beautiful flower centerpieces

This was at each place setting and 
the rose was a pin that each guest could take

It would not be a party unless we had a candy table!

My mom and mother in law

Tracie and Courtney

So silly

Audra and "Avatar" (in her belly)


Rebecca and Baby Callie
Is she not the MOST gorgeous baby ever?


Tyler!  He could not wait to help open the big gift and
it was the stroller we registered for!

The gift table

It was a wonderful day!  I can not believe I did not get a picture with Suzan! Arg.  I also can not believe he will be here in 8 weeks or less.  Ahhh!  I do not feel prepared and am starting to get nervous.  Not about the adoption but about being a mother.  I pray every day that I am the kind of mother that God wants me to be.  Those who have adopted- What were your feelings right before you received your child?  

Well I hope you had a restful holiday!  I am looking forward to a low key week and weekend.