Monday, June 14, 2010


I am totally behind on blogging-so sorry!

Last week we had vacation bible school at church and it was so wonderful!  I love all of these little ones excited to learn about the Bible.  They are so very precious and it will not be long until Gray is running around chasing them!

The theme was Baobab Blast and the kids learned about trust, love, follow, care and love.  Anita (the director) did a wonderful job setting everything up and making a beautiful backdrop.  Here are some pictures of the week.

Day 1

Day 2 (sorry it is blurry)

Day 3 (Austin was missing)

Day 4 
Clair helped us with music all week

Day 5
in the t-shirts we made

The whole group

Cameron and Brandon


LOVE this little girl- so very sweet!


hahahah Zach

The other Claire

Part of the "little kid" class 

The kids did such a good job learning all of their songs and they performed so well.  I HAD a video but I am still working out all the kinks with the camera and it got erased.  Grrrr.  So just take my word...THEY WERE AWESOME!!!!   I hope they continue to grow in love with the Lord.

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Faith said...

Fun, fun!! I know those kids made such great memories from their time at VBS!