Thursday, June 10, 2010

A migraine, dreams and furniture.

Just a warning there are no pictures in this post.  (Awww man!)  

Today I woke up with a terrible migraine.  Definitely not the best way to wake up, and it was very debilitating to top it off.  I have been hiding in the dark house all day and just now starting to feel a little better.  Boo.   Which kinda stinks today because it is a BIG day!

First- Grayson had an appointment today and I got word that everything looks great and he is BIG!  That makes my heart happy.  The doctor did say that she is not sure if he will come early or just be a big baby.  Those babies are so rude...they need to inform people when they plan on moving out!

Second- Gray's furniture is being delivered.  I have been a little bit in panic mode because people ask how much of his room I have finished and I say the paint!  Their eyes about bug out of their head...people know I am a planner.  It was making me a little nervous too.  Audra almost has her whole nursery done and she is 6 weeks behind Gray.

 Third- Tonight is the VBS performance.  I am trying to make myself better so I can go because the little munchkins have worked really hard!  I am not worried if I can not make it though.  Austin and Clair have been doing a wonderful job and the kids are in good hands.

As I was typing this the delivery truck called and said they are their way! The dreams segment will have to wait. So I promise pictures this weekend!  Have a great day everyone!


Membership Required said...

First I hope you feel better today. With that being said I understand you urge to get the nursery done. HOWEVER.....if it doesnt get done dont stress over it. Baby will never know. Besides I have yet to meet a mom that had her baby sleep right away in the nursery. Usually baby is spending at least the first month in your room in a bassinet. Now I say this with experience. I stressed and stressed over the nursery for Campbell. I wanted it to be just right for my sweet girl. Low and behold it was almost done and I was put on bedrest and than she came early. She stayed in my room for 5, yes five months. Second baby came and I stressed about the room again until my memory of that bitty time rushed back and I chilled. His room was perfect by the time he arrived but again...he slept in our room for 3, not 5 but three months. So my friend. I understand the urge but you know what it's OK if it isnt done. Hugs, ML

Faith said...

I loved the sneak peek you showed of the furniture and can't wait to see more. Hope you are feeling much better today!