Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The furniture and a picnic

Grayson's room is coming together!  Just when I was getting worried- God answered a prayer!  Things have arrived earlier than expected.  In fact...his bedding should arrive tomorrow.  Here are some pictures of his room so far.  Nothing on the walls yet...I am known for having empty walls ha!   I just can not seem to commit to things like that.  


Hutch/Changing table



Sunday evening, the choir met at our directors house for a picnic!  It was so much fun spending time with the choir outside of church.  We take the summer off because we have a small church and just have special music each sunday.  Alice lives in a beautiful home with an even better view so I tried out some different things with my camera!   I made Austin be the guinea pig ha! 

Not too bad...

Austin actually took this picture and
 I thought it was super cool how you can see through the bubble. 

They are growing up so fast...please slow down!

After dinner Alice brought out this big thing all covered up and set it in front of me.  I was shocked! I uncovered it and this is what I found...
How sweet is that? The choir went in together for a gift and I was completely surprised.  Everyone laughed because for once I was speechless.  I am truly blessed to have a wonderful church family.   

Unwrapping all of the gifts in the bath tub

haha...I am not sure what was going on but this picture is hilarious! 

We had a wonderful weekend and are eagerly awaiting Grayson's bedding tomorrow!  I promise I will post pictures the second I get everything put together. I hope you are having a wonderful week!   



Faith said...

How exciting!! I am really loving the furniture. It looks great!

And, your pics are awesome! Especially love the bubble one - very neat!

What a fun gift that your sweet friends gave you as well. Grayson is one blessed boy!!

Lianna Knight said...

LOVE all of Grayson's furniture!! Can't wait to see the room complete :)