Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Mish Mash

A whole lot of random things to talk about today.

Artie and I are working on another adoption. Say a prayer that it will work out. The case has been given to a CASA worker and we are are trying to get a hold of her. So everything for this adoption is still up in the air. I would love to give more info but I honestly do not have anymore than that. We love this child like our own already and are really scared because of the complications that have developed. I hate the waiting, it is so hard. I guess that is how pregnancy is; you just cant wait to hold that child in your arms. I have been feeling a little frustrated lately. People have been telling me that this is a situation that I don't really want to get into. This might be hard and might not be a child that I would want to get involved in. How is that fair? Isn't that the reason we should get involved. If I don't get involved for this child...who will? If it was an easy situation, the child probably would not be up for adoption. All adoptions will come with risks. Right now, this is the only option for us. Period. If I could just get pregnant I would. So until that point, nothing we do will be easy or risk free.

I will get down off my soap box now.


We are gearing up for the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough. Check is out! It our small town's claim to fame. It is a HUGE weekend with 20,000 people or more. I love it because The Christmas Shop is BUSY BUSY BUSY!

This weekend the girls will have a competition in Bristol. I am sad I will have to miss it but I know they will do great.

I am loving this weather. I love waking up and it being a little chilly. I love the colors and the smells. nice.

I am very excited that all the new seasons of my tv shows have started. Oh my...there is a lot of tv watching at my house right now.

Umm..I think that is it for the utterly random post. I think...oh wait no. Here is a photo of Lollipop our cat just to make it a little more random!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tennessee High

Friday night Greeneville played Tennessee High and even though we lost, the girls did great! Here are some photos. I was happy to learn that because of RAIN we were not competing in Chattanooga on Saturday. Last time it rained at a competition, it was a miserable mess!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tusculum Game

The Greeneville band performed at the Tusculum College game tonight. Even though it was a little wet we had a lot of fun! Two of the majorettes had a soccer game, the other two performed by themselves. They did AWESOME tonight! The show is really coming together. We have a game tomorrow and a contest Saturday. It is suppose to rain both days...UGH! I hope the forecast is wrong!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Christmas Shop

The Christmas Shop has a new post!

Check out all the new fun things


Twitter was having some problems yesterday and posted someones tweets on my blog! I noticed one or two were not that nice...they did not come from me! Sorry to anyone who read them, I have since removed that gadget and will put it back up once the problem is corrected.
Thanks Everyone!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


It is with a heavy heart that I write this post.

Artie and I had received some information about a private adoption a few weeks ago. We were thrilled at the opportunity. We prayed and hoped, everything seemed to be falling into place. It was the perfect situation.

Today we received news that the mother will not be proceeding with the pregnancy.

It's not fair. It is not fair that the baby will never know life. It's not fair that someone has the opportunity to decide weather or not to be pregnant. It's not fair that we can not just "get" pregnant.

I would just like to be in her shoes for 1 day.
I tried not to get my hopes up...but I did. It is hard not too. These days I cling to is all I have.

So please pray for healing. Please pray for this mother as she has a difficult procedure to go through. Please pray that we see where God is leading us.

Back to (Sunday) School!

Well today the regular Sunday school schedule started (say that 5 times fast). I am so very excited because we have some new little ones! It is still an all boy class, but it seems like it will be a blast. Here they are...ready to go!

Today we started studying Genesis and learned that everything God made is good! They got to create their own "thing" and this is what one little guy made. I think it turned out great. We all had a lot of fun!

Well this week is starting out really fun! Artie and I made chili and cookies today. He has been a little under the weather this weekend and needed some comfort food.
The majorettes have their first contest this weekend and I am really excited. Their show went really well on Friday.

I have set aside time to work on my quilt. I really want to use it this season! There are some other exciting and scary things going on in our life. I can not disclose them now but soon I hope.
I guess that is about it for this week. Check Spelling
I hope everyone's week is as fun as mine will be!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Drum Roll please!!!!

and the winner on the 100th post GIVEAWAY is: Amber Schmidt!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Send me your info at misstncoed at yahoo dotcom and I will ship your beautiful ornament to you this week!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


There is still time to get in on the GIVEAWAY! I will extend it another day...I will close it tomorrow (Monday). So if you still want a chance to win the Light of Mine Ornament just leave a comment!

We are home! I never thought I would be so happy to sleep in my own bed. I loved being in the Bahamas so much but there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. You know?

I promise in the next day or so I will post some of the pictures. The picture on the new header is a little preview. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I am gearing up for a big week myself with loads and loads of laundry to do!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's heeeeeeeeeeerrrrree! Post #100! Wahoo! Ok. Before the commencing commences...

Update of our life in a small town:

1. Nothing profound to say about anything. No. Seriously.

2. Soon it will be back to life as usual. I can honestly say that I am excited about that. I have had a blast on this trip but I am a home body. And I miss the pups.

3. So glad to see the forecast for this upcoming week! FALL IS HERE Y'ALL!

4. No news on the baby front. It continues to be a roller coaster of emotions. There are days that I want so much feel the pains of pregnancy that it hurts. Then there are days when I feel silly and know I just want to be a mother. Right now we are waiting to see where God leads us. Going for more tests soon, deciding the right plan of action.

5. LOVING The Christmas Shop. Stop by sometime...I'll share some hot cocoa! Ok probably not...but I will give you a peppermint!

6. I want a cow...

7. Artie doesn't want a cow.

8. People from the Bahamas think I talk funny....I think they talk funny...and round and round it goes.

9. I am loving that So You Think You Can Dance is on AGAIN!! Wahoo...those kids are amazing! Also digging Glee this season as well!

10. I can not wait to finish my quilt! I have a great start on it...I just keep telling it that I WILL FINISH YOU!!!

Ok....that's it.

The 100th Post Giveaway!
I will be giving away a beautiful hand painted Light of Mine ornament. See this post for more details!!

To get in on the Giveaway simply leave a comment on this post..doesn't matter what it is (if it's rude it will be deleted)...and I will use a number generator to pick! I will close the contest on Saturday at midnight. Have a great weekend!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Greetings from the Bahamas!

Artie and I are having a fabulous time here at the Sandals Resort. Although we miss home it is nice to get away. I can not recommend this resort enough! The staff is so gracious, the rooms beautiful, and the food is to die for. I know I will definitely gain some weight while here. Haha. But before I get back to snorkeling or eating or drinking pina coladas (virgin),I wanted to let you know what the give away will be!!!

For my 100th post I will be giving away a Light Of Mine Christmas ornament. This ornament has been hand painted by Amy Davis. Amy's son passed away when he was only 4 years old. In his honor she created Light of Mine Designs. Light of Mine supports programs for children with special needs in the areas of music and creative arts. Her designs are precious! I especially love that when you make a purchase, you are making a donation and *BONUS* getting a beautiful ornament! Her collection also includes wedding and baby ornaments. These make a wonderful shower gift!
Here is a photo of the ornament I will be giving away. The only exception is the bow is green instead of white. They truly are beautiful. If you are not one who wins and want one of your own, please visit her site or give The Christmas Shop a call to place an order.

So keep checking back...this is #99!!!