Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Mish Mash

A whole lot of random things to talk about today.

Artie and I are working on another adoption. Say a prayer that it will work out. The case has been given to a CASA worker and we are are trying to get a hold of her. So everything for this adoption is still up in the air. I would love to give more info but I honestly do not have anymore than that. We love this child like our own already and are really scared because of the complications that have developed. I hate the waiting, it is so hard. I guess that is how pregnancy is; you just cant wait to hold that child in your arms. I have been feeling a little frustrated lately. People have been telling me that this is a situation that I don't really want to get into. This might be hard and might not be a child that I would want to get involved in. How is that fair? Isn't that the reason we should get involved. If I don't get involved for this child...who will? If it was an easy situation, the child probably would not be up for adoption. All adoptions will come with risks. Right now, this is the only option for us. Period. If I could just get pregnant I would. So until that point, nothing we do will be easy or risk free.

I will get down off my soap box now.


We are gearing up for the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough. Check is out! It our small town's claim to fame. It is a HUGE weekend with 20,000 people or more. I love it because The Christmas Shop is BUSY BUSY BUSY!

This weekend the girls will have a competition in Bristol. I am sad I will have to miss it but I know they will do great.

I am loving this weather. I love waking up and it being a little chilly. I love the colors and the smells. nice.

I am very excited that all the new seasons of my tv shows have started. Oh my...there is a lot of tv watching at my house right now.

Umm..I think that is it for the utterly random post. I think...oh wait no. Here is a photo of Lollipop our cat just to make it a little more random!

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Amber Schmidt said...

Heather... you have to do what YOUR heart tells you to do. If the spirit leads you to go with this Adoption then obviously it is doing so for a reason.

If you are worried about medical issues... just look at us. Has it been hard... absolutely! Would I ever change one minute of Kyleigh's life (well except about the entire month of October last year... but that wasn't her fault) no.

Kyleigh is an amazing little princess and I can honestly say that I am a better person for having been her mother! People ask me HOW I do it. There is no "not" doing it. I am fully convinced that a woman CAN do anything she MUST.

Many prayers for you guys!

PS... you know if you ever need to talk about medical issues... just yell! We have had every major organ system affected so there is nothing at this point that is going to shock me...