Friday, January 1, 2010

An anniversary and a bowl game

This is a rather long post...I apologize ahead of time.

Artie and I just got home from a wonderful trip to Atlanta! As most of you know, my husband is the world's largest University of Tennessee fan there ever was. For Christmas this year I bought him tickets to the Peach Bowl Chic-fil-a Bowl. (The bowl that UT was playing in) He was really surprised and so very excited. On Wednesday we headed down so we could celebrate our anniversary as well! My sweet husband took me to The Cheesecake Factory! I can not tell you how much I loved going there when we lived in Nashville. He was incredibly crowded with all the fans coming in. Luckily we were a party of 2 and only waited about 30 minutes! I ate my usual fare of orange chicken with sticky rice and Artie had fish tacos. We were so full we got our cheesecake to go!

Here we are before The Cheesecake Factory
The next day Artie and I got up, ate breakfast and headed to Lenox mall to kill some time. We had a great time just walking around. I thought it would be funny to take him into Neiman Marcus and browse the shoe section. It actually made him mad. He has the biggest heart...he told me we had to leave because he could not be in a place where people bought $2500 dollar shoes. Especially since we just finished the adoption classes and saw first hand how people can't keep their children because they have no money for food. It really has opened our eyes to many things. So we headed back to the hotel to change for the game.

Here we are before the big game
We took the subway and headed to the game. Our first stop was the pep rally. Artie and I decided that we wanted to be in the front row for the Vol Walk (when the players walk through to go to the game). I grabbed a spot and stood there for almost 2 hours! Ha! I knew it meant a lot for him to be able to see the players come through. While we waiting I saw some great things...first this guy and his checker board shorts...

Then this guy brought his checker board coveralls! Oh my!

Here are people lined up waiting on the players
And then the band started playing and we knew it was time! The crowd was pumped and so were we. So here come the players and since we are on the front row we give each player a high five. I must say that it was so fun seeing them all up close. Artie was beyond thrilled. I have pictures of all the players as they walked by but I have no idea who they are. But....this guy I know!
Lane Kiffin!
(That is my husband's hand in the left corner of the picture)

(again with my husband's hand)
Right before the game they dropped down little cows with parachutes with free chic-fil-a cards attached. The only problem was that some of the parachutes didn't open and came flying at people like little kamikaze cows. It was kinda funny to see every ducking trying to avoid the cows!

Look who we sat across from! I can't believe they actually spotted me!

Look at all the orange!

Here they come!!
We sat next to best people! Ha...We sat in the section that had mostly students and we had a blast. The guy next to us was D*R*U*N*K and his form of language through out the whole game was flipping the other team off. When we would score he would grab Artie and myself for a big hug and give us high fives. At one point he started passing around a coke bottle (it was definitely not coke) and had the people behind us drink. I turned around and asked if they knew the guy and the they did not! He was just sharing in his excitement I suppose. It was wild. The people in front of us were so intoxicated that they were passing out. HA! I really wanted a picture of Artie and myself at the game but Artie told me not to let anyone touch my camera. You do not want to hand your brand new camera to a drunk person so I had to survey the prospects. There was a girl behind us who did not seem as intoxicated as everyone else and so I asked. I know Artie was cringing the whole time but we got our picture! My camera also made it safely back into my hands without any damage.
At the game
After the game we got back on the subway and headed to our hotel. Oh the subway! Someone had gotten sick in the car we had to get in. Needless to say it was a very LONG ride back. Once we got to the hotel it was about 15 min until midnight. Artie and I grabbed some to go food and watched the ball drop snacking in our room.

We had a great trip but I was really glad to get home! I have a great month planned and I am ready to get it started! (Market is calling my name, Baby Callie we are ready to snuggle you and my quilt is ready to be finished!)

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Tracy said...

Hello! I saw on my blogfrog, that we had similar names to our blogs! And I was scrolling through your blog and realized that we are both TN fans, and were both at FanFest and the ChickFilA bowl! Too cool! I am looking forward to reading your story! Take care!