Monday, January 11, 2010

The big Market post!!

I feel like I have been gone for months. I have spent all morning catching up on the happenings of the blog world. Our hotel (which was lovely) did not have free wifi (NOT LOVELY!). It was terrible....I wanted to update daily while we were there. Not so much. So now you get one BIG post!

First I was sick the entire time we were at market this year. It was not fun. Mainly because you just have to suck it up and get over it. There is no time to be sick.

I think we picked a lot of really wonderful things this year. We picked up a few new brands and I can not wait to start getting things in. Unfortunately the new things will not be here until the summer. Sad.

We also got to meet a lot of the designers from some of our favorite brands.
Here are some photos...

This is Steven from Glitterville
(He lives in Knoxville!)

Suzan and I with Mark Roberts
Here Suzan and I are with the 2 designers of Christopher Radko.
We are also with our rep from the company and the lady who does EVERYTHING! Ha!
I have a really funny story about these people but you kind of had to be there for it to be funny.

We ate some really delicious food. Next door to our hotel there was a restaurant that had HUGE pieces of cake. They were delicious!

Suzan and I ate all of this!

My favorite new company that we are working with this year is Cody Foster. I just can not tell you how precious the things are. Seriously. They are all vintage and cute. There is actually a little vintage looking house that has a PINK POODLE in front! I totally ordered one for myself! Love it.

Hmm...Oh I almost forgot. Suzan and I totally got lost trying to find the Cheesecake Factory. I forgot the gps in the hotel room. I really thought I remembered how to get there.

Not so much.

An hour and a half later we finally made. After making a complete circle around Atlanta, we stopped at a fed ex for the number to get directions. (The track ball on my blackberry is not working and so I can not use my I could not look it up myself.) So we were rejoicing once we actually made it!

I think that is it.

I hope everyone is thawing out after the south's deep freeze!

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