Sunday, January 17, 2010

Children's Sermon

Today our pastor was talking about when Jesus changed water into wine at the wedding. Well he gathered all the children in the front of the church to tell them the story. Pastor Rick was in the middle when one of the little boys spoke up "Jesus should have turned the water into Sunny D!" The whole church cracked up. I just about peed on myself.

Today was a long day.

The track ball on the crackberry broke (like a month ago). Since I live in the boonies, it takes an act of congress to get to the Verizon store. (except not really..I pass one on the way to church) Well Verizon sent me a new phone and I finally took it by to have it switched over. Do you know how hard it is to use a blackberry with no track ball? INSANELY DIFFICULT! Why I did it for so long I will never know. Anyway....Artie and I waited in the Verizon store for over an hour today. It made the day seem really long, just standing and standing and standing. Ugh. But it is fixed and my phone is working great!

Afterwards Artie and I went to the grocery store and were very distracted. I think we were both tired. At one point we found ourselves just standing their talking to each other...not moving...not shopping. Just. Standing. Artie looked at me and I laughed because we were just so out of it.

Does anyone else notice how between Halloween and Easter it is like CANDY CENTRAL at the grocery store? I mean seriously.

Ok. I think that is it for the random post.


LucieP said...

hi there! Your blog is so fun! I need to be more crafty. I have ideas in my head but then when I go to the store, I feel a little
I have a crackberry too-love it-my charger connection in the phone broke 3 days before Christmas and did not get a new one until the following Monday-I was jones-ing!!

Tracy said...

Oh man! if my crackberry was broke, I don't know what I would do! Which makes me think, that maybe I am a little too caught up in it..hmm.....Thanks for your comment on my blog. I actually live in a town outside of Roanoke Va, which is about 4 hours from Gatlinburg TN.I have no idea how close or how far away that is from you. Hope you have a great day!