Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's time

Look what is still gracing the Allen household.

It's bad...I know. I just get so busy right after Christmas and I can not find the time to take it down. I will be taking it down tomorrow....I promise. Maybe.

Good news!
Our paperwork has been finalized!! Completed! Donezo!! (did I really just say that?)
Which means that now we wait. (As the Final Jeopardy theme plays)

It is a HUGE GINORMOUS weight off our shoulders. Kind of...

I have started a new craft project! My husband is somewhere rolling his eyes. When I do a craft project it tends to take over our house. This is why I have a craft room...to keep the mess to a minimum. Well this is a MORE messy craft and it needs to be done in the kitchen. So I have little piles of things all over the kitchen.

And this is hanging over our kitchen sink....

Once I get the final product finished I will post pictures of it! It is a little something I am working up for Valentine's Day. But I guess I need to take down the Christmas tree before I put up another holiday's decor.

So any who.

I can not wait until Thursday...Baby Callie is coming!!!

1 comment:

Amber Schmidt said...

#1- Congrats on the paperwork! That is a huge burden lifted I am sure:) Now we are all praying for your perfect little one to be delivered into your arms soon!

#2 Our tree finally came down... yesterday... its kind of sad to see it go... alas we need to sell our house and it looks kind of odd to buyers... :(

#3 ... LOVE the new blog!!!