Saturday, January 30, 2010


Thanks everyone for the wonderful well wishes. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Artie and I are truly blessed beyond belief. The road has been hard....but it could have been harder. There were days when the sadness was so bad that I did not know how I could make it through the day. There were days when I questioned God and his plan, it is human nature. Thankfully I have Artie who would give me the encouragement I needed to pick myself up. He has always been the little voice in my ear reminding me to trust God. I am here to tell you that is hard for a control freak. So anyway....

Thursday night Artie and I babysat our pastor's boys! Twin 6 year olds=FUN!!! We had a blast and were sad when we had to put them to bed. Artie took this pic of us with his phone...we had them so wound up (Sorry Jody) that we feared they would not go to sleep.

We decided it was great practice for later on down the road.

Well it has snowed again! Artie and I have planned to just stay in all weekend. Artie went to the store and we are all stocked up on yummy snacks and food. I have several craft projects planned. I also have about 5 loads of laundry to do...just keepin it real folks. Anytime it snows I always want to tackle craft projects. What do you all like to do when snowed in?

I am SUPER excited that tonight is the Miss American Pageant on TLC. Ahhhh! I love it. I am a traditional southern girl and like sparkles, big hair, big bows, monograms and pageants. So I can not wait to know the results.

I everyone has a wonderful weekend. I am sure I will post about the Miss America Pageant tonight or tomorrow...Go Miss Tennessee!

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