Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Baby

Look at this sweet face.  

We love him so much!!

This picture makes him look so big it kinda makes me sad.  

Friday he will be one month old. Ok.  That's it.  I am done with this getting bigger stuff.  We can just stop right here! I am trying to savor every moment I have with him at this age.  We are so lucky.  

In other news-
I am excited to say that I am finally getting a blog makeover!  Yipppee!  That is one reason I have not changed my header to include Smooshy man.  So look for that in the coming weeks!  
Have a great week everyone! 


Leigh said...

He is just precious!!!

Faith said...

Oh, he is seriously sweet! I wish I could just kiss his little face. How can he be one month already?! Time, please slow down.

Audra said...

Wow! He's already so big! I'm already dreading my baby getting big and it's not even here yet!

1 Funky Woman said...

OMGosh what an angel! I'm sending big kisses xoxoxoxo to his little cheeks!

I'm so happy for you both!

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Rachel said...

Love the new blog design!