Sunday, August 8, 2010

In the hospital

We have been home a little over a week and the time is just flying by.  Gray will be 2 weeks old on Tuesday WOW!   I am finally getting around to posting pictures from the hospital.  I can not say enough good things about this hospital.  They worked hard at making everyone involved in the adoption feel comfortable.  The day the birth mother was admitted, we stayed in her room.  I know the nurses were walking on egg shells because most adoptions are tension filled.  It surprised most people (our family included) at how normal and comfortable it felt being in the room with the birth family.   Once they met the birth family, they understood why we have such a great relationship/friendship with them.  (We actually consider them family now)

A few hours after Grayson was born, we were able to have our own room with him.  Our room was the last emergency birthing room and so if someone needed that room we had to get out.  The whole first night, anytime a nurse would come to check Gray we would hop up thinking we had to leave.  Ha! Luckily no one had to have that room and we stayed for 2 nights.  I was happy to be able to hang the wreath I made for the door!

Artie feeding monkey

My good friend Rebecca came several times and was actually there during the c section!  I was so glad for her because she took all the pictures and was just as excited as we were.  She brought Tyler once and he said that Grayson was "so cute" and kissed his head.  I love that kid.

The Santel Family (minus Scott)
Tyler, Rebecca and Callie with Grayson

After a few days we were able to go home.  WE WERE READY!! 

He has been a dream come true so far.  We are still adjusting but I think it is going pretty well!  The birth family has been so very supportive.  I am so happy we are choosing to stay close!

The photographer came last Friday to take his newborn pictures and we got a sneak peak today!  Eeeek! The only thing I wanted but forgot to tell her was a picture in the zebra chair!  So I tried to take one today that ended with him peeing on the chair.  So I cleaned it and let it dry so we could try again. This time I left his diaper on!  (Plus I knew a poop was coming!)  I think it turned out cute! Probably not as good as Rhonda but I am learning.

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.  We have just relaxed.  I am glad to be home but ready to start back at church...maybe next week!   Blessings!


Morgan Paige said...

he is beautiful!
and the zebra picture is SO good. nice work!

Faith said...

LOVE the pic in the zebra chair! Oh, he is just so adorable. I'm so thankful to hear that things are going so well. What a blessing you have been given!!

simone leblanc said...

congrats on the new addition to the family! what a touching story...he is going to have twice the love his whole life ;)