Monday, August 23, 2010

First Football Game of 2010

Friday night the band performed during halftime at the Jefferson County-Greeneville game.  We WON!  Wahoo! The girls did great but decided that they are glad the game was away.  This gave them a chance to get their jitters out before a home game.  PLUS this Friday they will get to wear their new uniforms.  Friday it was so hot that the director decided against the band wearing their uniforms.  Ashley and Austin rode with us and we had a blast.  Here are some photos from the game.  Oh! The show this year is an 80's theme, hence the pack man game on their shirts.

The girls in their band tees ready for the game to begin!

The seniors having fun

Is it almost halftime?

And since I have not posted any newer pictures of the Smooshy boy:

Look who is ready for the Titan's game tonight!

Jackson LOVES Grayson so much,
one day Gray will be riding him around the house! 

I hope you have a great week! 

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Russell said...

Looks like Mom and Dad is on the road to spoiling the munchkin. ( with a little help from Nonnie and Poppie of course )