Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Bonfire and A Home Game

This weekend kicked off with a bon fire pep rally on Thursday night.  The girls did such a great job  and the seniors got to twirl fire batons!  They were pumped!  Our football field is turf and we are not allowed to use them on Friday nights BOO. There were a lot of people there getting pumped for the football game the next day.
Ashley and I before the bonfire

The seniors with their fire batons!

The new majorettes near the bonfire

Friday was the first home game for the girls and they did a great job! Ashley and  I were so very proud.  We got to debut our new uniforms and everyone LOVED them.   We won the game and all had a great time.  I really love Friday nights because it is kind of like a date night for Artie and I.  He always comes to the games with me AND videos during halftime.  Smooshy stays with his Mimi while we are at the games so he does not have to be around the heat and the people.  I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON!!!
Here are some pictures from the game and a video of their performance.

The show this year is "Now That's What I Call The 80's!"  
The song list includes:
  I Want My MTVEye of the Tiger,  Bad,  Mr. Roboto, Danger Zone, and  Don't Stop Believing.  


Immeasurably More Mama said...

What a fun Friday night! You look so cute in your green necklace. :)

Audra said...

LOVE the uniforms!

Lianna Knight said...

I'm just now catching up on all my favorite blogs. I can't believe G is already a month old...time FLIES!!!

LOVE your pretty green necklace at the football so cute!

Simply Southern said...

i stumbled on your blog, from blue eye brides blog, I am also an alpha chi and love finding fellow alpha chi bloggers.. I also was a majorette.. and loved this post!

Faith said...

So fun! I bet it would be so fun to be at one of your home games. You are just the cutest!

Membership Required said...

Campbell starts ballet/tap/baton class this wednesday! She is so excited about being big girl enough to be in the class that offers baton. She is truly smitten! Loved your video and walked around trying to twirl! Thanks for sharing!!

PS. LOVE the header picture!!! Finally. Love it!!!