Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow Day!

I am not a fan of snow at all.  Call me a scrooge but all I can think about is the sweet little old people without electricity.  Artie and I had a bet going.  Usually once a year the meteorologist will get everyone in tizzy about measurable snow fall.  Then it never snows.  Artie told me that we were going to get some snow this time and I did not believe him....and a bet was born.  Luckily the wager was one of my pies so it wouldn't be TERRIBLE if I lost.  ;)

Well.  It snowed.  A lot.

Since Grayson has never played in the snow, I bundled him up to go outside.  Grayson decided he was done after 10 minutes haha!  I was JUST fine with it...I know there is going to be a day when I can't even bribe him to come in.

One of the problems, I believe, was proper footwear.  Remember when I said it never snows?  Yeah.  Grayson has a pair of rain boots that Santa brought but are a bit big.  So I had to go country style and tie grocery sacks around his shoes.  It was FANCY.....

Fell on his first step into the to a bad start. 

Fancy shoes!

I talked him into building a snow man

 Tasting the snow

This is his "momma told me not to eat the snow" face 

Grayson did not ask to go back out today haha.  

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