Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Halloween 2012

I have several things that I want to post about but didn't have the time to in the fall!  One being Halloween!

I love our little Halloween traditions that we are developing!  Since Grayson doesn't really eat candy (well we don't let him haha) we have been driving to visit our favorite people.  This works out great because we don't have to explain to Grayson why he can't eat the candy he would collect while trick or treating.

Some pictures of our little monster before we left! 

First stop Aunt Margie and Uncle Homer 

Next up Mimi and Pop Pop's house


Mimi and Pop Pop bought Grayson some little fun things for Halloween. 
He was EXCITED!!!!

Off to see Rick and Beth

And to pet Eve! 

Austin's house was next! 

And they bought him a cute little gift as well...notice a trend? :)

Last stop was Aya's house! 
This is Devyn, Aya's neice

Oh Aya! 
and another sweet gift for Grayson! 

I am glad we have our traditions and hope we can do them year after year.  I love making a special visit to the people who LOVE our baby!

Halloween through the years

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