Monday, January 28, 2013

Lingerie Shower

A month after her bridal shower, I hosted a lingerie shower for Kamile at her new house!  Since she is young and so cute, I wanted something that would fit her personality.   I searched and searched for a theme I would like and found NOTHING!  So I thought for a few day and came up with an "Eye Candy" theme.  It turned out super ADORABLE!!!  Once I finished making the invitation, I was ready to design the candy table.  

During the summer I bought some shabby white frames that Hobby Lobby had on sale.  They had not found a permanent place in my home yet so I used them in the design.  I cut out the K, A and heart from poster board and covered them in sprinkles! Cotton candy in cute polka dot cups, apothecary jars with hard candy, suckers and candy canes made the table so DELICIOUS looking!  My most favorite was the gum ball necklaces.  I used a needle and ribbon to string them on.  It was a little sticky and took some time but SO WORTH it!  The guests could put their treats in green chevron bags. 

A close up of the details-
Gingerbread ladies with lingerie on ;) 
Yummy candy in apothecaries 
Gum ball necklaces
Lollipops and candy canes

We played the most hilarious games and pigged out on candy. It was such a fun day! She ended up with A LOT of eye candy for her new husband ;)  

 I was a bit bummed because someone broke into my car the week of the shower and stole some of my camera lenses.  So the only pics I have from my phone!  But in a happy twist of fate...the person was caught (who broke into my car) and I will get my lenses back!   

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