Friday, January 18, 2013

Artie's 30th Birthday

Trying to finish posting all the fun things that happened this fall!

In October Artie turned 30!  Wahoo...he finally caught up to me.  I love that his birthday is in the fall because we ALWAYS have a bonfire.  The crispy nights and warm bonfire make me SO happy.  I seriously look forward to it every year.  His birthday is really close to Halloween so we ask everyone to dress up.  Last year the theme was Lumber Jack and this year the theme was movie characters.  It was hilarious to see what people chose.  Artie wanted to dress up like the characters from Nerds.  It turned out to be so FUNNY!!!!

My little nerd!! 

Harry Potter and Indiana Jones

Katnis and Alice

King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Woody and Jessie

So silly. 

What a fun way to celebrate being 30!  

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Belinda said...

What a fun idea!
I am turning 25 in September and I've been thinking of having a 'costume party' - I've never been to one, but seeing these photos makes me want one even more!