Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beach 2012

Still trying to play catch up!!!

Every August we make a trip to the beach.  This ends up being the perfect time to go because it still feels like summer but without all the people! We try to go around the time schools go back to ensure this ha.  The beach trip this year ended up being a little weird.  Poor Grayson had a TERRIBLE allergic reaction to pineapples and was miserable! I felt SO BAD.

Before the allergic reaction! 

A little timid at first

Then he got brave-In Grayson's words 
"Baby do it!"   
(he calls himself baby haha)

In little boy HEAVEN

This is where things turned a little ugly.  

The first night we were there, we went out for dinner.  The restaurant served pineapple with Grayson's meal and he ate it right up. (let me state that we thought he might be developing an allergy but were not 100%.  Late in the summer he started breaking out on his chin when he would eat and we thought maybe it was because he was eating really acidic things.  He was eating pineapple and tomatoes like crazy during the summer.)  During dinner he started getting splotchy.  Really splotchy.  The longer we sat there the worse it was getting.   So I did what any mother would my phone out and took pictures of it.  I immediately sent it to our nurse who sent us out for benadryl.  

Luckily we had arrived early enough to North Myrtle that we got to have some beach time!  The rest of the time, we hid from the sun so Grayson would not feel worse! :)

We took Grayson to a place called Alligator Adventure.  Well he was so drugged that he did not care one bit haha.  

This cute guy came right up to us!  

They had beautiful birds! 

And weird albino alligators

This picture sums up Grayson's beach trip.
You can see one of his little spots :(

More inside time meant more relaxation time! Which was fine by me.  I am just glad Grayson got to spend a few hours at the beach.  It proved that it is going to get easier!  He definitely liked it a lot more than 2011!

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