Thursday, April 29, 2010


Wednesday night I taught the youngest age group at church called Adventure Club.  I LOVE THIS AGE!!!  They are such a hoot.  We learned that through Jesus we can know God.  The craft was drawing what you think Jesus looked like.  Here is what I got....

This one is pretty good!  
Kinda looks like Jesus was dancing...

More of an abstract point of view...very Picasso

He said it is Jesus in a tuxedo-
I think it looks like Jesus in blue jeans with a fu manchu...

I just love them so much.  I am soaking it all in while I can, I know when Grayson comes I will not get to help out as much.  People tell me that things are not as easy with a little one around.

I can not wait for tomorrow!  Artie and I are going to dinner after we order the furniture for Grayson wahoo!  

Can you say a prayer for the birth mother?   Some things developed this week and I know she is hurting.   Everything is fine...just some personal stuff.   Since I ask for prayers all the time- please feel free to leave your prayer request here.  I would really like to pray for you by name and your specific needs.

I hope you have a fabulous Friday!!!

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Tracie said...

"ls it like a party tuxedo, cause it's like I'm Jesus, but I like to party." talladega nights movie.

I literally laughed out loud at the we, adorable pictures and good idea girl!!!