Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh what a month

May has yet to begin and I am already worn out!  Shew

Artie and I were looking at our calendar Sunday and shaking our heads.  There are a million things happening this month and I am super excited about them all!  It all starts this weekend with majorette tryouts.  The girls have been working really hard, I know they will do great.  Sunday afternoon, all of the new majorettes  will attend a majorette clinic in Knoxville.   I am so excited for the girls to start out their year this way!

Guess what we are doing on Friday??  Ordering the furniture and bedding for the nursery!  Artie actually picked out the furniture and helped pick out the bedding.  I am so proud of him and the interest he takes in the little details of Grayson.  After ordering 3 different sets of fabric samples and changing my mind a million times these are the fabrics we chose for the nursery....

They look kind of muted on the computer but are really bright and fun!  We have picked the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen!  I can not wait to get the room put together.

Artie and I are headed to the beach in the middle of the month and I just can not wait to get away with him.  He deserves a break so badly- he works very hard so I can have my dream of owning The Christmas Shop.

It is hard to believe I will be 28 at the end of the month!  It is my golden birthday...28 on the 28th of May!  I believe I am getting the best present ever this year- 2 of my best friends will be staying with us to celebrate Grayson at a baby shower on the 29th.

See?  Busy bees- top that off with Mother's Day and we have one FULL month!  So hopefully I will have 100 things to blog about.

I will leave you with this-

I walked into the bedroom and found this the other night.
Poor thing is so neglected....


Audra said...

I seriously snorted when I saw that picture! I love walking in to the bedroom because you NEVER KNOW what you're going to find! Man I love dogs!

Alicia O. & the gang said...

Delurking here! This is actually the first time I've seen your site, but had to say how a.ma.zing your hair cut is! I cannot wait to trim up a bit and do that 'do'!

Another thing I had to say was that I am absolutely drooling over your nursery fabrics! Great!

And your boxers are so great looking! We are a boxer family (had to let her go almost 3 yrs ago, but are FINALLY looking to get another sooooon!) and had to smile at those babies!

Congratulations as well!

Membership Required said...

What great fabrics! Are you making the bedding yourself? If so...I highly suggest zippers on your bumpers so that if need be you can wash the cover of the bumper...it's possible one night you'll have to deal with spit up all over. Yuck but "it" happens. Your month made me tired. I'd still love to see the twirlers in a video that you upload. Purely for entertainment for Campbell. Thanks and have a great day!

Faith said...

Love the fabrics!! Very pretty and I can't wait to see the bedding completed.

That pic is too funny! I don't think I knew you had boxers?! We have one too - they are funny dogs!

Anonymous said...

Love those fabrics. Was reading your blog and wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy!! That is great. I am following you now!

House Queen said...

Hey girlie! I found your blog from BlogFrog! So glad to fins another Tennessee gal to be friends with! Hope you have a fabulous week...oh and I love the colors you chose! Cute!!!

OurLittleBlessingS said...

I LOVE those colors and fabric choices!!! i bet it's going to beautiful!! I am new to your blog and love it! I am excited to continue following along w/ your journey!