Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nurseries and Names

Seriously.  Is it suppose to be this hard picking a nursery design?  Maybe the fact that I am quite particular myself does not help matters....Nah.   A few weeks ago I ordered some fabric samples from 2 companies.  The first set that came I LOVE...but it is not what was in my head.  When we got the second set in, Artie and I decided we did not like it.  So now I am rethinking the whole nursery!  The fabric we love is a washed out look...kinda beachy.  I can not wait to start putting some things together!

Do you know any great places I need to look at for cute boy things?  Anywhere I need to know about?
I am loving ETSY! They have the cutest bibs and burp cloths...oh my.

Well we have decided a name!!  Wahoo!  We had our choices narrowed down right before the ultra sound but wanted to use the name around the house to make sure we loved it.  So without further ado...(drum roll please j/k) our son will be named-

Grayson Kelly Allen

Grayson is just a name we both loved and Kelly was Artie's dad's name.  We definitely wanted to use a family name and it worked really with Grayson!

Today we had our home study update.  It was like the home visit part of our original home study.  The group that we are working with keeps your home study current forever.  Most home studies expire after a year and you have to go through the WHOLE process again.  We will never have to do that and I am so thankful.  So every 3 months they come in to do a check, we give them any new paper work (updated insurance..ect) and we are done.  In Tennessee the adoption will not be final until next February (you have to wait 6 months) and so our home study will have expired by that point.  I can not believe this boy will be born in 4 months.  I have been in constant prayer for the mother recently, she has been heavy on my heart.  I know it is must be getting harder the further along she gets.  Please pray that she feels peace.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


Hyperactive Lu said...

Aw, we have a Grayson! What a beautiful name! Love your blog!

chadandnikki said...

That's an awesome name. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the name you chose! We actually have the same name picked out if we ever adopt. But we are going to spell it Gracen.

Faith said...

LOVE the name! I've always liked the name Grayson and really like the family name with it.

Can't wait to see what you guys decide on for the nursery. So fun!!

Praying for you guys and the birth family too =)

Membership Required said...

What a perfectly handsome name! Keeping you on my prayer list. ML

Membership Required said...

Forgot to mention that I found bedding here. I LOVE full and puffy bumpers. The bigger the better. Maybe you might see something here that speaks to you. http://www.pinecreekbedding.com/pinecreekbedding/bedding.cfm?Type=moon

Leigh said...

Etsy is my favorite!

and I love the name! So sweet!

Jennifer said...

Ikea has great kids stuff. If I was having a baby their stuff would totally come from there.

Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free said...

Ooohh, I love that name! Decorating the nursery is so much fun!! Praying for you all during this journey.

Amber Schmidt said...

It's been forever... and I have been so bad at bloggin! The name is PERFECT!!!! I am so excited for you!