Sunday, April 18, 2010

This week

I have been terrible about blogging this week!  So sorry...but sometimes my life is BORING!  This past week has been pretty quiet.  I have been preparing for a dance performance at the end of this week.  Which means that I have been practicing like a mad woman.  Ashley and I choreographed the instructor dance number and it is so fun!!!  Organizing everything is a little stressful but fun.  Artie walked into the living room tonight and this is what he saw...

He said "What the heck are you doing?"  Creepy huh?  We are dancing to Thriller and will be wearing masks and wigs.  Thursday is the dress rehearsal and Friday night is the performance.   I promise I will have pictures and possible a video next week.

This past week Grayson had a doctors appointment.  His heartbeat was at 140 and the doc said everything looked great.  The appointment next month is the glucose test...I have a feeling that it will not be very fun so say a prayer for the birth mother as she has to go through it.  It is a blessing to know that Grayson is in such good hands.  Artie and I met with the lawyer this past week as well.  The lawyer gave us a mountain of paper work to be completed.  It all seems like a dream sometimes.

Ashley and I have been working with the majorettes getting them ready for tryouts in a few weeks.  Today we held mock tryouts so the parents could come and watch what the girls have been working on. The girls did great...I was so proud!!  I am the crazy picture lady and I did not even get a picture of the girls.  I realized this after all the girls had left and so Ashley and I took our picture ha!

I like to have a horizontal close up picture and a vertical full length picture...does anyone else do this?

Lots of wonderful ladies are traveling this weekend to Atlanta to hear the lovely Beth Moore speak.  Pray for safe travels for everyone...I wish I was going!!

Well I hope everyone has a great week!


Lianna Knight said...

I wish you were going too :)

Faith said...

I feel the same way about my life being so boring sometimes that there is nothing interesting to blog about!

I love your green dress - you seriously are so stinkin' cute! I love your cute poses =)

Sure wish you could be in Atlanta w/us this weekend, but I hope that the performance goes well!