Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Recipes

Everyone knows that I am not much of a cook....Artie is definitely WAY better.  I try- I really do.

Well tonight I decided to make a new recipe for dinner AND dessert!  It turned out great!   I am not usually a beef eater but I saw a WW recipe that sounded so yummy.  The best part was that it did not take long at all and super simple.  

2 teaspoons minced ginger
1 red bell pepper julianed
 4 teaspoons soy sauce
12 ounces sliced flank steak
2 tea spoons chile powder
1 mango diced
(it also called for onions but they are of the devil and do not enter my house).

Cook the peppers until tender and then add everything else. Continue cooking until the meat is completely cooked.  (It is just like fajitas)  Spoon it into soft tortillas and top with mango.
You can eat 2 of these and it is 7 points!

The dessert was just as easy.

 4 ounces of cream cheese
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon lime zest
1 tablespoon milk
15 small raspberries
15 phyllo shells (from the freezer section)

Mix the first 4 ingredients until smooth then spoon into little phyllo dough shells and top with a raspberry.  These are 1 point each but it did not stop me from shoving 4 in my mouth.   These turn out so pretty that you could serve them at a party!

Seriously you have to try it.  I hope you are having a great week!  Artie and I are going on a date tomorrow and I can not wait...YAY for Friday!

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Faith said...

I'm not the cook in my family - Chad enjoys it and is much better at it than me. I really need all the help I can get!