Monday, February 15, 2010

This Weekend

This past weekend Artie and I kept a little girl who is in the foster care system.  I have to say that my heart is so heavy today.

This weekend was hard.  Very hard.

"L" was a tough cookie.  I must say that I do not blame her, especially knowing what she has been through in her life.  After living in an inappropriate situation with her parents she was moved to a foster home.  That foster home was not the right one and so she moved again.  Which means moving schools as well and in a short period of time.  I would just break down each night because I felt so helpless.  She has terrible nightmares and will often be up all hours of the night.  She has the sassiest mouth which I imagine is a coping mechanism.   She knows things normal 8 year olds should not.

While we were waiting on her foster family to pick her up, she was in tears.  She did not want to go back to that home and was begging to stay.  I felt helpless.

The reality is, if she can not make it work with the foster family she is with, she will be moved again.

Will you please pray for "L"? Pray that she will be able to overcome all of these things and live her life the best way possible.  Pray that she finds a foster home that will welcome her with open arms and be able to provide her the support she needs to heal.  Please pray for her parents as they are trying to do things to be reunited with her.  Pray for the foster family she is with now for patience with her.  

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Membership Required said...

I will pray for "L." I grew up next to a family that fostered children. They had five children of their own and then started fostering. Sounds good right. Well as I grew older it was very obvious even to a child (myself) that they were not in it for helping the children. I cant say if "back then" for sure or not people got paid for being fosters but if they did than that is how they often got some nicer things each time each month. I grew up thinking the system was flawed because how could kids who needed love get sent to a home that was not filled with enough love for the kids they had. Granted I was a kid myself but kids know. Kids see things. I say this only to confirm that I will pray for "L" with all my heart that the Lord comforts her heart and heals her as she grows to adult during this time in her life that should be happy and full of joy. What a shame. Makes my heart sad.