Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thinking Too Much

Ok.  So you know how I said I was going to update the baby size posts last week?  Well I truly had all intentions on doing it.  Somehow, every time I think about doing the picture I have a mini panic attack. This is what goes on in my head..."It needs to accurately depict what is going on that week.  The first week it snowed, the second week was Valentine's week.  Oh my gosh, this will go in the memory book.  It is important.  What week is it? How many do I have to make up is it 2 or 3? Are turnips available right now?  Oh my gosh the baby is going to be here soon.  Is every pregnancy this fast?  OH MY WORD I NEED TO BREATH!"


I think it would be easier if I was the one who was pregnant because I could just pose with the "item" in front of my cute little belly and call it a day.  But I am not pregnant so that throws that plan out of the window.  So this week I am going to get my backside in gear and post these baby updates.  

And this time I will not pinky promise.

Here is a picture of Artie and I the day we found out that we would receive this baby.  This is before our meeting.  I have been meaning to post it...I think my husband looks so handsome.  I also like it because you can kind of tell how nervous we were.

Lastly, please go visit Layla Grace's website and say a prayer for them.


Audra said...

You can't even tell you'd been bawling all day! I'm not sure how I'm going to document each week. And yes, it does go by so fast!

Membership Required said...

2 + 1 makes a family!!!! Soon you'll have the family you have been dreaming of!! Cant wait to hear the journey story. PS. Missy from It's almost naptime posted on the smockaholoics site (see my blog roll) said there are adorable newborn items....You could probably buy via internet from them. I saw the most precious stuff. ML

Faith said...

Y'all are so stinkin' cute! So many exciting things going on for y'all right now. Just soak it all in and enjoy each moment =)

Lianna Knight said...

Just read your comment on my blog about the Ellen show and I AGREE!! That episode about "..but I drink a little" was HILARIOUS!!! I forgot all about that one :) Thanks for reminding me!!!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Love your blog and congratulations--what a blessing!