Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bananas Over You

This year, our annual Valentine's dinner at church had to be postponed because of snow.  Sad.

 So it was rescheduled for Valentine's Day after church!  It is a great fundraiser for our youth group and a great thing for couples to come to.  This year the theme was "Bananas Over You".  The are served their meal and get to see some funny skits afterwards.  I always have a lot of fun.  Poor Artie has missed it 2 years in a row. Last year he was traveling for work and this one he decided to take "L" to eat lunch and play on the playground.  And let me tell you what he missed....

Me in a banana suit!! Haha...
All of the skits were about bananas and so it seemed appropriate to have someone dress as a banana.  Since I am a very silly person I said I would do it.

It really was very funny.   Here we are on stage taking bows and thanking everyone.

I am looking forward to the week!  Fun things at The Christmas Shop, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and a date at Chili's on friday with Artie!!! Wahoo!

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