Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun Friday!

Today was the first day the shop was open for the year!  We had such a great day...lots of fun things.  There was actually a customer there waiting on us to open.  She said she had been waiting all month and then picked out a few of our Valentine's things.

Next door to our shop is a really yummy restaurant called Bistro 105.  They have THE BEST desserts and Suzan and I decided that we needed one.  Well the chef had created a new dessert for the weekend and so we tried it.

Isn't it pretty (notice the hearts?)

It was the most weirdly delicious thing I have ever pepper ice cream, amerretto soaked french toast, raspberry coulis, with maple bacon pralines.  OH MY WORD!  It sounds so yucky but it was honestly the best thing I have ever eaten.  It was like a glorified breakfast.

There is a merchant down the street whose daughter turned 1 today.  It was such a special day for their family.  Madison was born with something wrong with her skull and had MAJOR surgery in September.  A surgery that took her all the way to Vanderbilt.  This kid is amazing...2 weeks after her surgery she was back to normal.  If there wasn't an incision all the way across her head, you would have never known anything had happened.  Just a normal happy baby. So today was a celebration that she and her family had made it through!

Sorry for the picture quality..they were taken with my phone.

All in all it was a wonderful fist day back.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Faith said...

What a fun job you have! I would love to do something like that. I think I read about you going to market in Atlanta - I've been twice and it is a lot of fun but overwhelming too.

Sounds like it was a fun Friday indeed!

Julee Turner said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I haven't checked up on you lately and I am so THRILLED for you!! I can't wait to hear more about this sweet baby on its way to you!!