Saturday, October 10, 2009

What a day!

What a day I had today! It started REALLY early ha! Artie had to get up and go to the game bright and early because kick off was at 12:30. I got up and got ready for the band competition. My friend Rebecca came in town to see The Christmas Shop and help with the competition. We had a blast hanging out today! I had so much fun at the band competition. I really do like to watch the bands and they were all so good. There were several bands that had majorettes so it was great to see them as well. I can not believe it, but I did not get one picture what so ever today. Boo.

I started thinking today about how life change so much from year to year. How you think your life will go one way but it actually goes in a direction that you didn't see? Weird huh?

Did you know I use to be a dog trainer at PetSmart? Haha...isn't that funny! It was a great job and I had a lot of fun at times . The thing I cherish the most about working at PetSmart is that I met my best friend Audra there. Awww....

Has anything like that ever happen to you? Have you ever looked back and ask; How in the WORLD did I get here? Try it sometime...F R E A K Y!

Me with Jenna

Leo the Pug

Laura and I
(I have no idea why I don't have a pic of me and Audra)
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I am gearing up for a fun hayride tomorrow night with church. Wahoo! I can not wait; I love fall. Have I said that before?


Audra said...

We had such a good time together at PetSmart! Especially the days we worked together and they let us stock together (mistake!!!!!). Sometimes I really, really miss dog training. It's hard to keep my "positive reinforcement" only philosophy to myself when so many of my friends here don't do it that way. I miss you!

Audra said...

Also just wanted you to know:

I live in Middle Georgia, where it is October 11 and still nearly 90 degrees out.

My air conditioner will be set on 78 til kingdom comes.

I finally took out all the spring stuff on my wreath and stuck ONE baby pumpkin on it because the Today Show is STUPID and makes crafts look so freaking easy.

..... Yet I am right now watching A Christmas Story on Netflix and wishing I had your job!