Friday, October 30, 2009

Full Week Post

I have been sick as a dog a bit under the weather this week and it has been horrible. Even I though was ill there was still a lot going on!

This past weekend the band had their last competition. The girls did great even through we missed Kaitlyn (she had the flu).

Aren't they pretty?

I asked Matt Williams to take a picture of Ms. Rhea and I.

These next few pictures are the result.

Not yet...


There we go....

Sunday was Artie's 27th birthday! Unfortunately I was so sick that we did not get to do anything fun. I made it through breakfast and then I was in bed all day. But he did get the best surprise gift ever! I am so good...I even surprise myself sometimes! Just kidding.

On Wednesday I was feeling a little better. The Christmas Shop donated a tree for The Hands On Museum this year. Suzan and I went early that morning to decorate it. It turned out so pretty. We did a Winter Wonderland theme on a small 4 foot tree.

Then Wednesday night we had the annual Harvest Festival at church. By the end of the day I was wearing down since I had spent a few days in bed. So I geared up as much as I could...we all had a lot of fun.

Reading to the kids

Decorating cookies!

Oh Barry!

The traditional Austin- Heather picture
Well that was a rather long recap but lots had been going on! I hope everyone had a great week and a blessed weekend!

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Membership Required said...

That was a busy week for someone who was under the weather. Hope you feel better. So you said you gave him the "best gift" what was it....or did I miss reading it? Have a great week. ML