Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Recap Part 1

A LOT happened this I will break it down into 2 posts!

Friday night was senior night at Greeneville. Alison's grandfather passed away that morning and so she was unable to be there. Sad. It turned out to be rainy and cold that night and the girls did not get to wear their uniforms...Boo. They had a great show but I could tell they missed Alison

Here are the seniors in the band...they take things so seriously!

Rachael and I (we missed you Alison!)

Kaitlyn and Allison (so pretty)

The girls and I before halftime

Look who came!
Lauren, her sister Allison, and Kelsey (Kaitlyn's sister)
are all former GHS Majorettes
and they came to cheer us on!

So senior night was a success! This week is homecoming and I am equally excited about it!

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Membership Required said...

my daughter is in love with twirling and will be able to take a class next year. This past spring at her baby ballet dance recital she saw the older girls (HS) twirling and a love blossomed!