Monday, October 19, 2009

weekend Recap Part 2

This might sound a little jumbley because I was half asleep when it all happened.

Early Saturday morning our dog Kasey starts barking like crazy. It is about 3am and I try to quiet her back to sleep. Artie wakes up enough to see that there is a light coming in from somewhere outside. He jumps out of bed and peeks out the window to see a car parked in the cul de sac with no lights on. He goes to the window in the living and tells me someone is breaking into my 911! I throw him the phone and he calls and gives a description of the car the burglars were leaving in. The police get to the house and Artie gives a report of all the things stolen. About 10 minutes after the officer arrived, another officer radioed him to say they have a suspect pulled over. The officer leaves and within 10 minutes we get a call asking if we would come identify the car and our stolen things. The police had the car pulled over a mile away from our house. Artie got out and identified all of our belongings and a few we did not realize they had taken. It turns out they had stolen enough for it to be considered a Felony!

Can you believe it?

I can't...

Needless to say we did not get any sleep Friday! I even had to miss the bow tying class at The Christmas Shop.

Saturday afternoon Artie and I attended our first adoption class. It is actually a class to be licensed for foster care. This is a GREAT option for us because it will keep all of our information current in the state system. It is a little more work up front but will be worth it in the long run! Artie and I love our instructor...she is awesome! We are working with Camelot Care Center and I can not say enough good things about them. They are holding our hand through everything, making sure we do it right. The people there are going out of their way to make the classes specific for our situation. Holly is available at a moments notice to help answer any questions about the MOUNTAIN of paper work. I am so glad that we found them.

After our class Artie and I went to a DELICIOUS restaurant called Bonefire. If you live in the tri cities area YOU MUST GO. The had a bluegrass band and the best bbq I have ever eaten. And this girl knows her bbq...

All in all it was a good weekend...I think we could have done without the break in but we are no worse for the wear. We got back our stuff and could have lived without it if we had too.


Stephanie said...

My car got broken into the Christmas before last...about 5 days before Christmas. I had all my kids toys/clothes/Santa presents/stocking stuffers, etc stashed in the trunk. They broke in the front and just pushed the button to open the trunk. I had to rush out and buy all new presents and try to remember what I had gotten. Fortunately, 2 days before, Santa had moved the brand new bicycle (still in the box) into the garage...otherwise it would have been gone, too!

I'm praying for the adoption road that you will find a baby that needs your love and blessing.

Membership Required said...

So glad it was just your car and not your home while you were there. Creepy! Congrats on your adoption class. Did I mention to you that a couple we know were trying to adopt for years. They had been trying with all sorts of group. Than one week just over a year ago they got a call from a doctor that they had known. He knew they were wanting to adopt. He had gotten a call about a patient that decided she didnt want to be a mom (baby was about 2months old) He said if you want her you can bring your lawyer over. Ok so I dont know that it happened just like that with all the legal stuff but that is the way it was explained. I think their lawyer was working with this doctor for private adoptions. So they get the baby and seriously three days later they get a call from Catholic charities and are told that they have a baby boy for them if they were interested still in adoption. This little boy was about six or seven months old. They said YES! So not only did they get blessed with one baby but two in the same week! Your turn is coming. God will bless you richly!!!

Amber Schmidt said...

What?????!!!! Did you run after them with a stick? I would have! LOL