Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday School

Each week my Sunday school class provides me hours of laughter and great stories. Well this past Sunday was no different.

They were a little wound up this week and did not want to pay attention at all. I can definitely tell they are starting to learn how to write their names. It is all they want to do:write, write, write. So I give them crayons and paper. One little guy told me he wanted to write his name "in courage". Another little guy looks over and says "It's not in courage, it's in cursib!" Ahhh...that age is great. So here are the in courage/cursib names:


Membership Required said...

I love it! Were you a teacher before you opened your shop. Which sounds wonderful by the way. You just seem like a natural teacher. ML

Julee Turner said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your blog is so cute and I wish I could come to your Christmas store! I LOVE Christmas decorations! So cool your friend has a shiba too! We are seriously in love with Romeo. Its kind of sad! Ha! I love TN! My mom grew up there. Its just so pretty there! Thanks again for commenting about Romeo! Nice to meet you! :)