Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Dear week 2

It is that time of the week for Ashley and Heather's Oh Dear moment.

Back story for the video that follows:

Ashley and I were asked to help come up with a hip hop routine for the dance studio we work with.  So over the summer we got busy trying to come up with cute things.  Once we figured out a concept, we hit the ground running with it. The girls would dress like nerds and then shed that look for a cooler, hipper outfit.  Ashley and I were to choreograph the nerd part and someone else was choreographing the hip hop part of it.  (I am not a hip hop kinda girl)  It didn't hit me until now that they asked us to do the nerd part...haha.  Ahem.  Moving on.

This video is of Ashley and me in my living room working on the dance.  We managed to drag our husbands in to watch and this is what happened.  (the video is backwards because it is from photo booth)

I apologize in advance for the booty in the face move...on stage it is not so, well, in your face.

I hit the fan pull, it hits the light and scares the daylights out of us.  I thought the fan was going to fall on my head.   Our husbands just rolled their eyes.


Morgan Paige said...

hahahahah LOVE it

Faith said...

Heehee!! Y'all are so cute!