Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3 Months Old!

Dear Grayson,

       Four months ago, I did not know a love like this.  I can not imagine our lives with out you now.  It is hard for me to remember what life was like before you came along.  You make me pray harder for all of my friends who are longing to be mothers.  I want everyone to be able to feel this painful, bone deep love.  Ok.  Enough with the gushy stuff.  What have you been into these days?
  • You weigh 14 pounds!!  
  • You sleep through the night now!  Let the hallelujah chorus sing.  
  • You eat a lot.  In the morning you eat about 8 ounces and through out the day you eat 5 or 6 at each meal. 
  • This month you got to visit your birth family and were such a happy baby. 
  • You will not take a paci.  No matter how hard I try.  Even though, as I write this, you have had a paci in for about 30 min.  A RECORD!! 
  • You went to your first funeral this month.  Daddy's Grandfather passed away but don't got to meet him.  
  • You are in a size 1 diaper but are on the cusp of a 2.
  • You can wear 3-6 months and 6-9 months clothes depending on the brand.  
  • You are not much of a napper.  You will take a 20-30 min nap everyday. 
  • Between the hours of 5 and 7 you hit angry baby mode.  You are so exhausted that you melt down completely.  Since you do not every really cry, it is kind of cute because you are just so pitiful. 
  • You have started to jibber jabber all the time.  You have so much to say!  
  • You love to watch Sesame Street during your bottle time.

The past 3 months have gone by in a blink of an eye.  I am so glad I get to spend everyday with you.  You are my pride and joy.  Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!

 On a side note- You are VERY hard to photograph these days!  You are so wiggly and do not sit still.  The following photos are the attempts at capturing the 2 photos from above.

Slumped over in the chair. 

Peeling the sticker off. 

So I move him to his crib...again with the sticker. 


Ok.  You win.  
The poor sticker barely made it in the pictures! 


Wendy said...

That gushy-ness made me cry! :) I can totally relate! And I have to suggest the same thing to you that I suggest to all new you have a white noise machine in his room??? It seems to help babies sleep quite a bit - supposedly, when they're in the womb, they hear everything through white noise so it's supposed to be comforting for them once they're born. Okay - there's my two cents! Cute pictures....and if you think it's hard to get pictures now just wait until he's crawling - it's impossible! Uggh! :)

RELH said...

Adorable! He is getting so big. Baby C is almost in a size 2 also. We actually have a box from Sam's CLub that is a size 1-2. They have worked really well!

Nancy said...

He is adorable!

Alicia said...

Oh heater! He is so precious and seriously everything you said about him sounds JUST like Noah! :) They need to meet sometime it sounds like they have a lot in common!