Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Recap

What a wonderful weekend we had!  Friday Artie and I went on a dinner date and to Toy's R Us to buy a present for a birthday party on Saturday.  We had such a great time talking about Grayson and our upcoming trip to the beach.  Once we got home, we both went right to bed- we were exhausted!  Unfortunately, when you go to bed early, you get up early.  Artie and I were awake at 6am on Saturday!  It was ok though because we turned on the tv and snuggled with the pups for a bit.  Then we went our separate ways...sad!  I headed to a birthday party and Artie went to breakfast with a friend.

My good friend Rebecca's son turned 3 in April and his birthday party was Saturday.  It was a Dr. Seuss theme and was decorated SUPER cute!  Rebecca always does the best job at making a party come together.  The cake was fabulous, it was The Cat in the Hat's hat haha!

Here is the birthday boy running to play in the ball pit!  He wore a Thing 1 shirt and his sister Callie wore a Thing 2 shirt!  It was adorable!

Tyler and I

Rebecca and I 

Sunday was our annual Joy and Jubilation service at church.  Instead of a traditional sermon, the choir sings 4 songs and there is a story before each one.  It is always so fun because we get to perform at both services.  I love to sing to Lord, I feel like it is one small thing I can do to glorify and thank Him.  After church I headed over to baton practice.  We had practice last Monday but one girl was on a school trip so this was the first practice with EVERYONE!!!  

Aren't they cute?! 

We had a great weekend and I am looking forward to heading to the beach later this week!  

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Membership Required said...

What a busy and fun weekend you had. LOVE that cake! Maybe prior to baby arriving you should start going to bed early to wake early so you aren't so stressed when all of a sudden you are up early and of course up in the middle of the night. This would be a great time to prepare or rather adjust because there really is no way to completely prepare for mommyhood. You'll love every minute of it though!