Monday, May 31, 2010

Golden Birthday

The week we got home from the beach was my birthday week!  I love birthday's...ask me again in 2 years- but for now I LOVE THEM!

The band director at the high school I work with quit and a new band director was hired.  Luckily it was the assistant band director/middle school band director!  So the staff got together for a bbq the week of my birthday.  We got a lot accomplished and feel really good about the upcoming season!  Here are 2 pictures I took while there.  I had to take them to remember Ashley by...she left for a month the next day!  I am very sad!

Ashley and I

Ashley and Devin

Friday May 28th was my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!  (28 on the 28th)  We had dinner at The Bistro 105 and it was fabulous.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.  The dinner was wonderful and then we had birthday pie!  Bistro makes the most wonderful coconut pie and I told Artie I would rather have that than cake.  (He took my temperature and asked if I felt alright when I told him because I LOVE CAKE)
Birthday Pie! 

My wonderful friends

I have to tell you that Artie hit the nail on the head with my birthday gifts this year.  He bought me a new camera bag that is gorgeous and an AWESOME video camera!  I could not believe it...he told it will that i needed one not only for Gray but for the majorettes as well.

I had a wonderful golden birthday!  Check back tomorrow for the baby shower post!

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