Thursday, November 26, 2009


What a thankful girl I am! Artie and I had a great Thanksgiving this year. It started out with us delivering the food we made for our community outreach Thanksgiving. Our community feeds over 1600 people on Thanksgiving each year and unfortunately the numbers keep growing. Next up church...which is a message I will never forget. Thanks Pastor Rick! It was about "bugs" in our life and came from the book of Joel (you know, the one with the locusts). Sometimes bad things happen and it is a reminder of our covenant with God. God will not let the bugs destroy us! What a great message and I felt it spoke right to me....
Next lunch at the General Morgan. It was great to be there because this is where Artie and I were married! We had a nice lunch with our church family and the food was so delicious. Here is a photo in the lobby of this beautiful historic hotel.

Artie and I decided to have a nice quiet Thanksgiving dinner at home this year. What a wonderful choice! Here is Artie injecting the turkey with something good. We smoke our turkey every year and it is so good...which is amazing for me to say because I am not a fan of turkey.

OK....this next photo be stills my heart. It is Artie's great aunt Alice's sweet potato casserole. Oh my heavens it is so good. We actually ate this for dessert. Here it is before the oven. It is sweet potatoes with a topping of brown sugar, white sugar, pecans, coconut and butter. LOTS OF BUTTER!

Here is the finished has a crunchy crust on the top and I could eat it by the gallon. Like I said...Artie and I ate it for dessert instead of making a pie.

Here is my table set with the "centerpiece"- I say that loosely....
Close up on the centerpiece

Place setting...kinda haha!

The best part about Thanksgiving at home was eating it in our pajamas!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful day and a fun weekend!!

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Amber Schmidt said...

Smoked turkey!!!!! It must be a southern thing... we love us some smoked turkey! And pork loin too!!!