Monday, November 16, 2009

Looky Looky Looky

After quit an unfortunate incident with my laptop last week, I was in need of a new computer. I have been looking into a Mac for a while. I know you die hard PC fans out there are cringing....but it is a choice that every person has to make for themselves. It is why we live in this great land of ours!!! I must say that I love it. Granted we are in the honeymoon phase of our relationship, but I really do love it. I have taken right to it.

My schedule this week is crazy. I completely hit a wall today and broke down. I think the stress of trying to do everything just caught up with me. Seriously...This week I have a commercial shoot, teaching a mantle class to the Kingsport New Comers, work, hosting a merchant's meeting, decorating 3 trees and a mantle in a ladies home, church, a hair cut, teaching a bow class to the junior league, prepping for the shower on Sunday, teaching a holiday wreath class, work, football game, and the shower. Ahhhh! And I wonder why I am stressed sometimes. The next week will be a bit quieter I think. (I hope!)

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? Not me! I hope everyone has a great week! Say a prayer that I will get through it in one piece. Also so a prayer for Amber...she has a VERY important meeting with a doctor tomorrow. I know she is probably going crazy with anticipation tonight. OK...that's it. Blessings!


Audra said...

Yaaaaay! You came over to the white side! I looooove my MacBook.

I have breakdowns once in a while too. It happens. Whose shower?

Amber Schmidt said...

Once you go Mac you'll never go back... or so I here! LOL Troy is still trying to get me to convert... problem for me is that there is no Mac on earth that has the 10 terabytes of hard drive space that I use per year. At least with a PC Troy can make it into some monster computer that hold all my junk for the business!

PS... Cleveland was a GREAT experience. I am SO glad we went. Sadly we will be going back soon but its better to have answers and a plan than to live in ignorance until its too late! :)

PPS... I am having a contest on the blog for a cute home made holiday bunting.. a la me!!!! Go check it out.. :)