Monday, November 9, 2009

I MUST buy a VCR!!!

Ok. My best friend Audra came to visit this past weekend and brought me a birthday present. It happens to be the best present IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

Yes. She bought me 4 Babysitter's Club videos!! I can not wait to watch them. Haha. In my younger days I read every single book that Ann M. Martin put out. Growing up there were 2 types of girls, Sweet Valley High girls and Babysitter's Club girls. I was definitely in the later group. I LOVE my present Audra!!!!! Thank you so much!!

Now I just need to buy a VCR.


Amber Schmidt said...

ahhhhhh!!!! (that is my best 10 year old girl scream...) I knew you were my "sistah from another mistah"... LOL I think I OWNED every Babysitter's Club book ever made! That is so funny... :)

Audra said...

You're welcome! Let me know when you buy that VCR and I'll be up to watch them with you!

Membership Required said...

What fun! I am obviously a bit older because I was a little house reader over Nancy Drew.