Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Wreath

I already blogged about this but I wanted to link this to a few Show and Tells this week! 

I am loving my new Valentine's Wreath and it was so very simple to do! 

I took a cue from The Blue Cricket and hung a frame on the door.  I found the frame at big lots and spray painted it red. 

Supplies- felt  (I used 20 sheets because I wanted a big wreath)

*Cut each sheet of felt into 3 pieces lengthwise.  

*All the way down each strip, cut slits that are about 1 inch apart.  This does not have to be exact, you just need to be able to slide it onto the wire. 

*Form your wire into a round wreath shape and form a hook at the end.  This way your felt will not escape! 

*Slide the felt stripes onto the wire accordion style.

*Attach the open end of the wire to the hook end to complete the circle. 

*Add embellishment of your choice!  (The red felt always looks weird in photos)

*Tie on with a ribbon. 

That is it! Stand back and be the envy of your neighbors...just kidding!  

A cute ruffled wreath! 

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