Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 months old!

Dear Grayson,

Wow.  Half of a year.  I can hardly swallow that you are 6 months old today.  I am reduced to a puddle of tears thinking of how big you are getting.  It does not help one bit that you are sitting beside like a little boy and not laying on my lap like a baby. {gulp} I am just a complete mess about this half birthday!!

 This month we have enjoyed watching you learn and grow!  You have now moved out of the baby phase and into the on the move stage.  You roll all over the floor and are even trying to crawl.  You love love love your bouncer and Daddy says someday you will bounce through the floor!  You talk all the time and have also learned to scream.  Mommy had to go away for 4 days this month and it made me so sad.  Daddy said you all had a great time together though.  I know he did a great job but I did not like being gone one bit!  

You are the happiest baby in the world, you rarely have bad days.  You do the CUTEST happy dance when you get excited!  Daddy and I just sit and watch you all the time.

Here is what you have been up to:
  • I have no idea what you weigh- but you go to doctor this week!
  • You are finally a consistent napper!  You will take one in the morning, one in the afternoon and sometimes one in the evening.  
  • You are eating more real food now and prefer it over your formula ha!
  • You still only take your paci to fall asleep and I am ok with that.
  • You are in a size 3 diaper
  • You are wearing 6-9m tops and 12 month bottoms.  You are VERY tall!
  • Your bedtime routine starts at 7pm but you sometimes like to stay up late! 
  • You are saying Dada and Mama all the don't know that is what you are saying but it is still adorable.
  • You can roll front to back and back to front and are starting to sit up on your own. 
  • You are very curious about the world around you.  

We love you so very much.  You are such a good boy and we thank the Lord for you EVERYDAY.  Life would not be the same without you.  

Love, Momma


Faith said...

Heather, he is beyond precious! Oh, his facial expressions just slay me! Happy 1/2 birthday to Grayson!!

Membership Required said...

Heather, I have been stalking your site because I was in search of news other than the wreath. Glad to hear all is well and that your precious boy is growing and doing so well. It goes by so fast!! Congratulations on the naps/sleeping. It makes for a much happier everyone when baby sleeps. Happy 1/2 birthday to you Grayson!!!