Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Day

Yesterday was the most wonderful day.  Our family who lives in Georgia came for a visit and we had such a great time.  The BEST part is that I got a chance to see my niece and nephews.  Sylvie, Parker and Alex are completely adorable and smoosh-able.   I just could not get enough...the day went by too fast.  Here are some sweet pictures from our time together.  

I was so excited to meet Baby Sylvie and Parker.  Sylvie was born 2 weeks after Grayson and is the tiniest, itty-bitty-ist, little sweetheart ever. She only weighs 11 pounds!  Grayson weighs 17 pounds haha.   They were so wiggly, it was hard to get a good picture of them.

Gray with Baby Sylvie

They were holding hands!  How cute!!  

Sweet face

Mr. Parker...Gray fits right in with his chubby cheeks! 

Alex was being a bit stubborn on the picture front.  He is 3 so it is understandable!  It was so great to visit with our family.  I can not wait to see them all again! 

Do you ever feel such happiness that it brings tears to your eyes?   My heart is so full! 


Membership Required said...

so sweet. What a great way to celebrate...with a house full of little ones. Especially when there was once a time you'd never have your own. How blessed your year had been! Love it!

Frozen Egg Bank Mom said...

Absolutely adorable children!