Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Anyone else tired of snow?  It is so pretty to look at but it sure messes up the roads!  Suzan and I were scheduled to leave for market in Atlanta bright and early this morning.  We are now heading down tomorrow morning and hoping to fit everything in.  In the mean time we have been keeping ourselves occupied with moving the shop!  It will still be in downtown Jonesborough....just across the street!  An amazing space became available and we decided it would be the perfect spot for The Christmas Shop.  Moving with the snow/ice has us a little stressed- it is so hard to move heavy things with it so slick.  Hopefully it will be sunny and 60 degrees by the time we get back on Monday!?! *please please*  Ok.  Maybe not.  Well maybe all the snow will be melted.

The new shop was looking a little boring without a tree up.  the day we got the key, this little cutie went up.  There are some super cute things that will come in for this tree during the summer!  

I am so excited to have my Valentine's decor up! I was on the ball this year.  Here is my front door all decked out.

I took a cue from The Blue Cricket and hung a frame on the door.  I found the frame at big lots and spray painted it red. 

I love how it turned out!  I saw this idea on a website and decided to try it.

Supplies- felt  (I used 20 sheets because I wanted a big wreath)

*Cut each sheet of felt into 3 pieces lengthwise.  
*All the way down each strip, cut slits that are about 1 inch apart.  This does not have to be exact, you just need to be able to slide it onto the wire. 
*Form your wire into a round wreath shape and form a hook at the end.  This way your felt will not escape! 
*Slide the felt stripes onto the wire accordion style.
*Attach the open end of the wire to the hook end. 
*Add embellishment of your choice!  (The red felt always looks weird in photos)

That is it!  A cute ruffled wreath! 

Here is a picture of the sweet boy for the Grandparents!  

I am excited to go to Atlanta to buy cute things for the shop but I DO NOT like having to leave this sweet face.  He is learning all sorts of new things everyday and I do not want to miss ANY of it.  

In fact...

It looks like we have a talker!  He now says it all the time "Dada Dada Dada" in the sweetest little voice.   Good grief I am going to miss him.

Well I will check in from my phone -wifi is $15 a day at the hotel (nothankyou)- So I am not taking my computer.   

Have a great rest of the week and a great weekend!  


Bethany said...

Love the valentine's decor ... the frame idea is soo cute!

kimert said...

Love the wreath!!! Thanks for sharing that and the how-to!! Super cute!

Miss V said...

Love the Valentines decor!! Soo super cute! Hope the ice clears a little for you so you can set up shop! Can't wait to see finished photos! xoxo

Membership Required said...

Oh pretty tree but DARLING little man! My neighbor did a Jesse tree this year for advent. While different from the Lutheran advent wreath I thought it might be fun to do one next year. Her kids are my kids age and she spent a year finding ornaments. She picked ornaments that were not for the season they were in specifically but ones that were fitting for the long hall. It was just lovely. They did a devotion every night and each ornament was in a wrapped box. The boys loved discovering what was in the box and how it went with the devotion. I came across this on the web. Long story short do you have a jesse tree at the christmas shop? OR possibly some ornaments that I might be able to purchase that might be fitting. Let me know your stores website. Thanks Heather.

Jessica said...

i have NO CLUE how i got here? NO CLUE....literally, it was just up? HMMM...
but are you from Dandridge?? I live about 10-15 minutes from downtown Dandridge?? Anyways, LOVE your valentine decor...I've got all mine out, just not posted yet!!! Have a happy day!!!

Jessica said...

i know now..
someone sent me the link, and i opened in new tab, but never got a chance to check out that tab!! yeah!! that's you!!
that's how i found you!

Amber Marie said...

Oh Heather, Grayson is such a doll! He is growing so fast! :) Hope ya'll and the pups are doing well! Miss you all!