Saturday, December 18, 2010

Still Here

I have been terrible at blogging the past few months.  Every time I sit down to blog I get distracted!  

We are having a busy Christmas season!  I am so sad that Christmas is almost here. I really love this time of year and it goes by so quickly!  Artie and I are soaking up every minute we can of Grayson's first Christmas season.  I have a question for mom's who have had a young baby during Christmas.  What did you do with their gifts?  Santa is coming with his gifts, but what about the gift's from Artie and myself?  Do you wrap them even though you will just be unwrapping them yourself?  I think I will wrap a few at least.  

We had a snow storm this week followed by an ice storm.  It was pretty scary for a few days.  The kids have had an extended Christmas break though, so they are super happy! All of their finals have been rescheduled for after the first of the year.  

I had ALL intentions of putting up pictures this week of all the Christmas decor...isn't there a saying about the best laid plans?  

Look how cute Gray looks in his moose there anything sweeter than a baby in pajamas?  I think not! 

I hope you are having a great holiday season!


Alicia said...

Heather! I LOVE those jammies!!! He is so sweet! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas with that sweet little face! And just think next year these boys will be ripping into the presents all bu themselves! Bittersweet... <3

RELH said...

Those pjs are soo cute! I can't wait to see pictures of your holiday decor and celebrations.

Love the look on his face!

Stephanie said...

Santa brings most of the presents at our house, which he doesn't wrap. I do wrap some things (mostly clothes) from mommy and daddy...I even did it when they were tiny. The babies like looking at the bows and paper, so it's worth it even if you have to unwrap it yourself!

Merry Christmas!

Jenny said...

Hi Im Jenny! A new follower! Look forward to reading your blog! =)

A baby in PJ's is the best!